Weekend Wrap Up

On Friday Amelia wore a very special dress. It was mine when I was her age – she looked so precious! She was fairly happy for most of the morning, but after she woke up from her nap she turned into Little Miss Drama Queen. I could tell she wasn’t feeling well, so I put her into the tub and let her go to town with some washable watercolor paints! She had a lot of fun, and it was very easy cleanup!

On Saturday we drove to Pigeon Forge to surprise Grandpa B for his birthday! He and Grandma were already down there and Grandpa didn’t know that we were coming. We ended up walking around the Bass Pro Shop (and surrounding stores) and then eating an early supper at Uncle Buck’s Grill. I can hardly believe it, but I didn’t take a single picture all day! I tried to get a shot of Amelia wearing an onion ring as a bracelet, but I was too slow. All in all it was a great day!

On Sunday we went to church and then grabbed lunch and ran to the mall to get a few wax potpourri tarts from the Yankee Candle store. We got home later than normal, and Amelia didn’t go down for her nap until 1:30. We’re hoping she sleeps for a while!

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  1. Jennifer D says:

    Your dress is beautiful! And it fits her perfectly! So pretty! I can’t get over how thick her hair has gotten this month!

  2. Jennifer D says:

    oh yea…and amazing idea with the finger paints in the tub! You’re such a good, creative mommy!

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