March in Review


Edison helped himself to an ENORMOUS serving of Chex cereal for breakfast one morning!

IMG_3168 IMG_3178

I love how these two girls have such individual fashion senses – Florence was ADAMANT about wearing woolen mittens and purple sneakers to church!


Mark has worked incredibly hard over the past year and has lost over 45 pounds! He has started running 12-15 miles a week and has already completed his first 5K! We had to clean out his closet this month and buy him an entire new wardrobe. I’m so proud of him!

IMG_3202  IMG_3239 IMG_3282

Grandma and Grandpa came up to visit for a week, and on one cold and dreary day we went to Hanging Rock State Park. We had a wonderful time! I just love this picture of my dad taking  photo of the mist on the lake – he’s got such a genuine smile! I think he was making a joke or laughing about something one of the kids said. I am so grateful they were able to visit!IMG_3289 IMG_3301

IMG_3321 IMG_3338

Another day we went to a local park for a nature walk – it was exciting to hunt for signs or spring!IMG_3357 IMG_3359

IMG_3349IMG_3350IMG_3351IMG_3353IMG_3363 IMG_3368

IMG_3387 IMG_3454

Happy kids on Easter morning – I didn’t realize until I looked at this picture that the girls dresses look like decorated Easter eggs!


This picture is so dear to my heart. My first baby, who is barely seven years old, has started reading the Little House books! Oh, I loved them so much when I was younger, and read them over and over (and over) again. I’m actually in the process of reading them aloud to the kids, and we’re on the fourth book. One day I told Amelia that she was reading well enough that she could probably read them by herself if she wanted, and I think she was shocked that I thought she could read such a thick book. She’s flown through plenty of books already (she especially loves the Circle C Beginnings series and the Magic Treehouse series) but she’s never tried anything this big. A few days later she dove right into the first Little House book, and I couldn’t be more proud!

IMG_3398 IMG_3401 IMG_3402 IMG_3404 IMG_3405 IMG_3406

My lovely new sister sent me some of her wedding pictures! Amelia and Florence were flower girls at their wedding back in November. Daniel and Andrea’s photographers are incredibly talented – these photos are such a treasure! Thanks, Aunt Andrea (and Uncle Dan) for sharing these memories with us!

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