Three Years


Today marks three years since Florence’s diagnosis.

Three years since our world was shaken.

Shaken – not broken. Never broken. Never.

Our life as we knew it fell to pieces, but as always our faithful Lord drew us close to Him. He comforted and provided when medical bills seemed (seem) insurmountable. He showed His love for us in immeasurable ways, and brought Mark and me closer than ever, to each other and to Him. It is only because of His love and His provision and His grace that we can walk this road.

You cannot be broken by God’s plan, as long as you give everything up to Him. Everything. Even those things – especially those things – which are closest to your heart. Your job. Your home. Your finances. Your children. You must relinquish that desire for control and simply realize that your story has already been written by the Author of the world. Rest safely in the knowledge that there is no better author for your life’s story than the One who created you!

Our Florence is alive for a purpose – a purpose that her Creator specifically designed and put into motion. He breathed life into her for incredible reasons, bigger than anything we can imagine!

We love you, Florence!

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  1. Kathy says:

    That is an amazing post! I praise God for the testimony of yours and Mark’s faith, displayed every
    time I am with you all. You have taken this life now on with grace and faith in our Father’s plan for
    Florence and the other children. I have watched them play a role in this also. Eddie’s alerts that
    the monitor is signaling, his sympathy for Florence during the set changes and Amelia’s help with checking blood sugars. You are truly an example to us about perseverance in the face of trials and life
    altering changes. I pray that you will be able to use your knowledge and encouragement with others who will have to travel this journey with someone that they love. We love you all…see you soon.
    Grandma Kathy

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