January in Review

The year started with a fairly big snowstorm. The kids had a blast, of course! 

Eddie spotted this one Sunday morning when we pulled into the church parking lot – he was extremely excited to see some big construction equipment up close!

Amelia got a sewing book for her birthday and was thrilled to start sewing!

Florence has asked to start school with us, so we are doing reading and writing practice every day. She is very proud of herself!

Flo draws the cutest people 🙂 This is a picture of our family!

This was such a beautiful day – I ended up reading The Borrowers out loud all afternoon while they colored  in the driveway. It’s hard to believe we had over 8 inches of snow just a week before this beautiful day!

This lovely set of bookends was a birthday gift from Mark! I’ve wanted it for ages 🙂 Reminds me daily of my Norwegian heritage!



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