November in Review

This month we finished up Term 1, and one of the end of term exams was to copy their favorite Giotto print. I am thrilled at the amount of careful detail they included!

This month Florence switched insulin pumps and is now using the Omnipod! She loves being tube-free and we are thankful for the smooth transition between pumps. She says she feels like a new person now that she doesn’t need to wear her pump bag anymore! Mark and I both feel like Flo’s sugars are more stable and easier to manage with this new pump, and we are thankful to friends and family who shared their “podding” experiences.

We went to a local park and met some friendly horses named Bubbles and Cloud. Amelia found a 4-leaf clover and we made a leaf rainbow. 

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit from Florida this month! We spent a lot of time outside, enjoying the cool air and  getting some good exercise. They gave the kids early Christmas gifts since we won’t see them next month – Eddie and Grandpa had fun one night assembling his five new construction toys!

On one of our weekend outdoor adventures we found this small nest. We took it home and have it on our nature table, ready to be drawn in out nature journals one cold winter day when we are hindered from taking a nature walk outside.

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