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Funny Daddy

Mark is such a wonderful dad, and I am so glad that he got home from his trip in time to spend Father’s Day with us. This morning he tossed Amelia and a bunch...


Je t’aime

When Mark picked Amelia and me up at the airport on Sunday evening, he had this beautiful Willow Tree figurine waiting for me. He is so precious to me, and I am so blessed...


Three Years

It’s been three years since we were married, and he still makes me laugh every day. Happy anniversary, Honey – I’m looking forward to many more!

Tuesdays with Amelia 0

Tuesdays with Amelia

Yesterday Mark came home from work bearing a gift tied with a red bow. Once I unwrapped it I found a beautiful and delicate and absolutely perfect diamond necklace! It was a “just because”...

Willow Tree 0

Willow Tree

Mark and I used this hand carved Willow Creek figurine on top of our wedding cake. What a special gift! Throughout the coming years, we plan to add to our collection of Willow Creek...