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Why So Early? 0

Why So Early?

I woke up at 3:14 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. Want to know why? Our new neighbors were on their back porch chatting away. Their porch shares a wall with our bedroom....

Monster Bug 0

Monster Bug

A few nights ago, Mark and I took Shelby outside to the bathroom before we went to bed. As we were coming inside, I noticed this HUGE bug on the wall right by the...

What An Ordeal! 0

What An Ordeal!

Yesterday after work I was checking out at the grocery store, and I got a phone call from Mark. Mark: Hey Honey, can you pick up some wasp spray before you leave the store?...

I Love Vera 0

I Love Vera

This is my Vera Bradley purse: Now, normally I’m not one to go for name brands, but I adore this bag- it’s pink & pretty, and there’s TONS of room for all of my...

Does this Count as a Reference Question? 0

Does this Count as a Reference Question?

Patron: What day of the month is it? Circulation Clerk: The 24th. Patron: And it’s Friday? Circulation Clerk: Yes. Patron: Thank you. It’s hard being the only one who knows the answers.