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I Love Vera 0

I Love Vera

This is my Vera Bradley purse: Now, normally I’m not one to go for name brands, but I adore this bag- it’s pink & pretty, and there’s TONS of room for all of my...

Does this Count as a Reference Question? 0

Does this Count as a Reference Question?

Patron: What day of the month is it? Circulation Clerk: The 24th. Patron: And it’s Friday? Circulation Clerk: Yes. Patron: Thank you. It’s hard being the only one who knows the answers.

Chattanooga Fun 0

Chattanooga Fun

This weekend we went to Chattanooga to visit Mark’s sister and her family. Paul and Peanut (Paul’s 11 week old puppy) came with us. Mark and I got to meet our 4 week old...

U Can’t Touch This 0

U Can’t Touch This

There’s a man sitting in the library. His phone keeps ringing. His ring tone is MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”. He has received three phone calls within the last 30 minutes and with...

Homestar Runner 0

Homestar Runner

My husband has an alter-ego. Sometimes, out of the blue and for no apparent reason whatsoever other than to make me laugh, he will suddenly morph into Homestar Runner!!! (Meet the original Homestar Runner...