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Three Years

It’s been three years since we were married, and he still makes me laugh every day. Happy anniversary, Honey – I’m looking forward to many more!


Wedding Weekend Wrap Up

On Thursday morning Amelia enjoyed her cereal and milk on the couch while Mark took the car in for an oil change and I packed for our weekend getaway. That afternoon we hopped in...


Weekend Wrap Up

Amelia has recently learned where her head is! She is so funny – ask her where her head is and she will reach both hands up to touch her head. Most of the time...


Weekend Wrap Up

On Friday morning Amelia and I had some fun reading books! The first book she grabbed is her absolute favorite – The Going To Bed Book by Sandra Boyton. We read that book morning,...

Weekend Wrap Up 1

Weekend Wrap Up

On Friday afternoon I finally caught a video of Amelia scooting down the hallway! She will do this with anything she can find including dirty clothes, books, bags of wipes and even some of...

Weekend Wrap Up 0

Weekend Wrap Up

On Saturday morning, Grandma B came over for a visit while Grandpa B was at a Presbytery meeting. She is still recovering from a bronchial infection, so she watched from inside while Mark and...

Happy New Year! 1

Happy New Year!

Amelia took her first step (from Mark to me) on New Year’s Eve.  We were so surprised! When we tried to get her to do it again though, she fell and bonked her head...