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Posting this video from my phone – hope it works!

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May In Review

I just love watching her dance, and the exaggerated “whew” when she’s done is so funny! One afternoon while snacking on some apple slices she ran to get Violet and Baby Violet, got down...

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March in Review

We had lots of fun this month – watermelon, pigtails, block towers, puddles and much more! There are four videos at the end of this post – they’re short but I am always glad...

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Dirty Dishes

This afternoon Amelia occupied herself by washing her tea set (and blankie and trains) in her kitchen sink. She would pile everything into the sink and then pick up an item, hold it to...

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Week and Weekend Wrap Up

Let’s see . . . Daisha was visiting for most of last week and we hardly took any pictures. Being stuck in the house because of inclement weather means that you wear your jammies...

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Weekend Wrap Up

On Saturday we took Amelia to the zoo. She had a blast looking at all of the animals, especially the chimps! (This sign on a vending machine made me laugh – I just had...